She’s watching! And my every move she copies…copy? So I can’t post half naked pics or even take them to begin with…She wants to be exactly what I am so I have to be GREAT for my namesakes. Not saying I ain’t never make no mistakes…lead by example, show her hard work pays off and watch what I say, ain’t that how it post to be anyway? I’m not perfect but some things we can control and my daughter is the reason I’ll never slide down a stripper pole, not knocking the hustle, trust me I respect it. But the way I move respect it. And a quick dollar I’ll pass up cause her perception of me can never be neglected. Knowledge is key, my face stay in a book, I’m not worried about being beautiful for facebook. I’m not selling sex or my soul…my only goal in life is to raise them right, pass out empowerment to any little girl with her hands out and you’ll never catch me looking to a man for handouts. My purpose is to show my little black girl what being a real woman is about. Keep it classy, always a lady, make sure that man give you a ring before he give you a baby…take my life and my mistakes learn from it and watch you be GREAT!